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CGI Hit Counter

C++ Hit Counter, 1.0. Non-Object Oriented. Pretty light weight. // // HitCounter // @author Randy Melder // @version 1.0 // #include <iostream> #include <fstream> using namespace std; // file name const char *filename = “/tmp/hits.bin”; // quantity of hits struct Hits { long unsigned num_hits; }; void readHitsFile(const char *file_name, Hits *hits); void writeHitsFile(const char […]

MySQL Partitioning and open_file_limit

We ran into an interesting problem recently and wanted to share the research. MySQL partitioning is a great way to improve performance in some circumstances, but it has a behavior that’s not widely noted. That is specifically with the MyISAM storage engine. MySQL seems to open two (2) file pointers for each table or partition […]

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