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iOS project opportunities

Lately I’ve been mulling what to do next. I’ve got a Mac desktop app idea that would be really helpful to me. I’ve also got an iPhone app idea that I want to do. Then again, I really like money and there’s gigs out there I could get into. Nonetheless, I’m really wanting to stop […]

MySQL Insert On Duplicate Update Madness

you may need to perform an INSERT INTO SELECT FROM statement. Often when you do this, you’ll run into duplicate key errors. To overcome this, you’ll need to add ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE syntax to the end of your insert.

MySQL Best Practice: Forget ALTER, use RENAME instead

MySQL is notorious for a few bummer scenarios. One of them is when you have a table with a couple hundred thousand rows or more and an indexed column or two, and you’ve been asked to add a column to meet a data model requirement. You know this will cause an outage or at least […]

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