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plotto the office lottery pool iphone app

Update: 2011-08-27 – Price change to $.95! yes, just Ninety-Five cents! Rock out America! – Version 1.1 coming soon! – Also, there’s been some curiosity about data persistence in the app, so let me clear this up. All app data is stored on the phone using a SQLite database. No data is stored remotely and […]

Book Review: Programming iOS 4

“Programming iOS 4” by Matt Neuburg; O’Reilly Media Summary: Good book. Lots of background on Objective-C. Good for experienced programmers that are new to programming Objective-C and those needing review of the basics. Great for programmers new to iOS. I’ve just finished reading “Programming iOS 4” by Matt Neuburg. It’s a book about programming Objective-C […]

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