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My Favorite Data Visualization Libraries and Frameworks

As a dba, programmer, business intelligence developer and all-things-data for my company, part of my job is to create useful info-graphics and dashboards for our management team. The numbers alone are fascinating, but when you present them graphically, the trends are easily and instantly understood. Here is a list of my fav tools: jqPlot jVectorMap […]

Comparing MySQL table structures across hosts

Have you ever had to quickly scan table structures to see if they were the same on two separate hosts? Eyeballing this can be a total pain. I wrote a quickie Bash script to automate this. Please note, this is NOT a thorough test. Just a glimpse or cursory check. A deeper look will reveal […]

Using screen in the Linux shell

Have you ever been remotely connected to a host using SSH and thought to yourself: “self, I wish I had more than one window…” So naturally, you opened an additional SSH session. This is fine, but then you need to organize desktop windows when there’s a much simpler solution: Use the screen shell program. Screen […]

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