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AT&T location finder needs a server finder

I needed to find a store. AT&T needs to find an available server. Sad me.

2 Fails, 1 Page – AT&T and Facebook Fail

Fail #1 – AT&T Hacked Fail #2 – Facebook flapping 3 fails, if you count the facial on the video still… 🙂

Getting the mysqldump you always hoped for.

Dumping data from MySQL might be seem like a covered topic, but just so it’s clear, you aren’t stuck outputting SQL. There’s at least 3 options for outputting data. Option 1: The SQL way Good’ole fashioned structured query language output of your whole database in a single file. mysqldump -u root -p -f your_schema_name_here > […]

MarketWatch App Fail

InvalidOperation much?

Givit.com shutters

Givit was a fantastic video editor for iOS devices. It had some amazing features. With it, was a video sharing service that was really clever in a lot of ways. For whatever reason(s), the company closed. The explanation is here: http://www.givit.com/what-happened/ The app, however, is still available on the Apple App Store as a stand […]

YMCA old school fail

Sing along: Y…M..CA….. PERL CGI… people still do that?

Google fail

Really? Can’t a guy do a carb-count search on wine w/o crashing Google™ any more?

CapitalOne.com Fail

I’ve been wanting to start posting the #fail pages I run into…why not start now?

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