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How to Cancel Cable TV and Not Die

How to Cancel Cable TV and Not Die of Total Boredom Last year, for the 3rd time, my cable TV contract had expired. My zombie cable TV service then began to eat me alive. The cable provider steadily increased my bill over the course of a few months until the point where I was paying […]

First Impressions: Cyclemeter vs. MapMyRun vs. Strava

Doing research for a work project compelled me to compare apps who’s core functionality was using a GPS. I asked some friends for recommendations for running apps and got three: Cyclemeter MapMyRun Strava My experiment methodology was simple: use all 3 to track a walk around my neighborhood. Here are the results: All three apps […]

The day I un-liked all my Facebook pages

Have you ever stopped to think what’s happening behind the scenes at Facebook with regard to all those “pages” that you “Liked” and forgot about? We all know FB aggregates and sells that data, but what about my “Wall” and the things I see? I did a little experiment and “un-liked” all the pages I […]

Things that make the USA Awesome!

I recently went on a vacation to some foreign lands. It gave me the opportunity to reflect on the things I love about the USA. Don’t get me wrong, we had a great time and there are some great things about other countries. However, in the end, I really did long for all things American […]

Insomnia – a tactical approach

I’m writing this today to relay my tactics for combating insomnia. Please comment if you want to share your tactics! For years, I battled insomnia to the point where I began documenting my trial-and-error approach in an attempt to find what worked for me. Here’s the list. 1.) Start a conversation with yourself by saying […]