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Book Review: Programming iOS 4

“Programming iOS 4” by Matt Neuburg; O’Reilly Media

Summary: Good book. Lots of background on Objective-C. Good for experienced programmers that are new to programming Objective-C and those needing review of the basics. Great for programmers new to iOS.

I’ve just finished reading “Programming iOS 4” by Matt Neuburg. It’s a book about programming Objective-C for iPhone and iPad devices. I say this because the first part of the book is a history of and introduction to the C and Objective-C programming languages. I can’t help but cringe when I have to read this because it seems so unnecessary now, but every book it seams takes this same tact.

Nonetheless, once you get past all the history, this book takes a couple of different approaches. The meat and potatoes Foundation API classes are discussed individually in a brief way with a small code sample to illustrate the intent. Once the book gets to iOS, that’s where if finally shifts gears and provides a deeper discussion of device programming topics.

I’m not sure who the intended audience for this book. It’s not for absolute beginners, but could be good for experienced programmers looking to transition to iOS. I think embedded C programmers would find this book extraordinarily helpful as it will bridge the gaps from C to Objective-C. Experienced Apple programmers might be a bit frustrated with the first half of the book and might as well skip it.

Overall I would rate this book highly and recommend you read it if iOS programming is your cup of tea.

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