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Things that make the USA Awesome!

I recently went on a vacation to some foreign lands. It gave me the opportunity to reflect on the things I love about the USA. Don’t get me wrong, we had a great time and there are some great things about other countries. However, in the end, I really did long for all things American and appreciate the life I have. Here’s a list of why:

Free Speech

We visited three very different, “first world” countries. In all three, there were stories of people being jailed and/or fined for speaking their minds openly on different issues. In the USA, we were founded on the value that no matter how annoying the message or the messenger, government suppressing free speech is unacceptable. +1 USA

Fast Cellular Data

During my vacation, on average, I had a maximum of 2 bars and never better than 3G data that felt like a dial up modem. Doing anything on the move had to be limited to the bare essentials. Even then, even checking email was a 5-10 minute endeavor. Even in low-coverage areas in the USA, data speed is much faster. I know there are technical explanations for this, but suffice it to say, knowing why doesn’t help. Cellular data should always just work. No excuses. +1 USA


I love my favorite energy drink. I love that I can get Rockstar anywhere I visit in the USA. +1 USA


We like money in the USA and people up in the middle of the night have money like anyone else. 24 hour 7-Elevens and other convenience stores are everywhere in the USA. Not to mention, having set and posted hours on the front doors is a USA thing I love. Maybe it’s just me, but I like getting things done and knowing when a store is open makes my life easier. When I get to a restaurant or retail store, getting a friendly welcome and a non-tribal/non-cultural protocol to follow establishes order and sets everyone involved at ease. Especially for us visitors who don’t have the benefit of the local customs. Not astonishingly, all of the tourist shops I went to embrace all of the above and were packed with customers. +1 USA


The new ice-age is one were there are cubes in my glass, at least when I ask. In the USA, when I order an iced-tea or an iced coffee or an ice water…there’s actually ice in the cup. +1 USA

Traffic Organization

In the USA, there’s only one grouping of traffic going a particular direction. You don’t see two lanes heading one direction with a third lane going the opposite direction splitting them straight down the middle. Yes, I lived through that and a 7 directional intersection and other insanity. It was clear that if there were rules, they could be ignored anyway because there’s no way to explain it. +1 USA


The USA knows how to do breakfast right. We don’t eat spaghetti, beans, fish or sauerkraut. In the USA, we like sweet and savory things for breakfast, and that’s the way it should be. EVERYWHERE! NO EXCEPTIONS! Bring on the syrups, honeys, jellys, jams, preserves, sugar bowls, salsas, tabasco, ketchup and sausage gravy so I can drench my waffles, pancakes, biscuits, toast, cereal, rolls, crescents, fried chicken, sausages and eggs with it! +1 USA

Drive-Ins and Drive-Thrus

Getting food in your car or on the go is awesome. Having a separate line for those who don’t want to dine-in only makes total and complete sense. +1 USA


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