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Apple’s One Timezone planet

At midnight, the world timeclock gets label panic. Don’t ask me how I know…

Amazon Time Warp Fail

When you see it…

Yahoo! mail fail

We’re Sorry.

Facebook Actively Inactive :-(

You have activity! You have no activity?!?

LinkedIn lost its data link

AT&T location finder needs a server finder

I needed to find a store. AT&T needs to find an available server. Sad me.

2 Fails, 1 Page – AT&T and Facebook Fail

Fail #1 – AT&T Hacked Fail #2 – Facebook flapping 3 fails, if you count the facial on the video still… 🙂

MarketWatch App Fail

InvalidOperation much?

YMCA old school fail

Sing along: Y…M..CA….. PERL CGI… people still do that?

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