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How I setup MySQL Multi Master Replication

There are tons of articles online about setting up MySQL multi-master replication. Recently, a friend asked me to send him a link so he could try it on his own. I must have read 20 articles and could not find one that did it my way. So here it is. My BASIC step-by-step guide to […]

InnoDB lost file pointers to partitions

Recently I went through the exercise of setting up a new replicated slave host. I proceeded through my normal list of tasks to get the new host stood up. This time, something different happened. Replication crashed. Hard. Last_SQL_Error: Could not execute Update_rows event on table core_stats.plays_hourly; Can’t find record in ‘plays_hourly’, Error_code: 1032; handler error […]

Understanding binary and relay log disk space management for MySQL

D R A F T I’m writing this as an attempt to help non-database-administrators (nDBAs) understand how to triage disk space crises on MySQL hosts. Here’s the scenario: – One of your MySQL hosts is consuming disk space rapidly. You perform investigation at the operating system level and discover that the logs, not the data […]

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