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Use BASH to extract MySQL ACL list

Need to quickly extract all the GRANT info for your database users? Here’s a one-liner: for i in $( mysql -u readuser -pReadPassword -h your.host -e “SELECT CONCAT(user,’@\”,host,’\”) AS ACL FROM mysql.user ORDER BY user” -s ); do mysql -u readuser -pReadPassword -h your.host -e “SHOW GRANTS FOR $i” -s ; done ; Here’s a […]

Sysbench for MySQL Burn-In Testing

The reason for my last post about getting Sysbench installed on OS X, was that I had a chore to burn-in four MySQL hosts. They are currently replicating which is normal behavior for this group. I wanted to add some stress testing. Here is the script I created for his purpose. You can modify the […]

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