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XtraDB Cluster on CentOS 7

Setting up XtraDB Cluster (aka Galera) is straight forward…or so I was told. To do this correctly, there are some tricks. Some published. Some disparate. I’m going to save you HOURS of Googling for answers and break down the process here. Just know that from version to version, dependency changes have a HUGE impact. I […]

Backing up with mysqldump part deux

MYSQLDUMP is a utility for outputting database contents into text files. This is nice, but has many configuration options. One, often missed detail is the specific permissions required to accomplish the job. I made a note on the mysql manual (bottom of page) to illustrate what I consider to be a best practice for automated […]

Using screen in the Linux shell

Have you ever been remotely connected to a host using SSH and thought to yourself: “self, I wish I had more than one window…” So naturally, you opened an additional SSH session. This is fine, but then you need to organize desktop windows when there’s a much simpler solution: Use the screen shell program. Screen […]

My favority BASH one-liners

Let me preface this post by saying, these are hacks. Neither the best or the only ways to achieve the desired results. But hey, if they work for me, they may work for you. Enjoy! ping -i 10 Send a ping request to an IP address once every 10 seconds. Why would I do […]

Use BASH to extract MySQL ACL list

Need to quickly extract all the GRANT info for your database users? Here’s a one-liner: for i in $( mysql -u readuser -pReadPassword -h your.host -e “SELECT CONCAT(user,’@\”,host,’\”) AS ACL FROM mysql.user ORDER BY user” -s ); do mysql -u readuser -pReadPassword -h your.host -e “SHOW GRANTS FOR $i” -s ; done ; Here’s a […]

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