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Getting OpenCV setup on Fedora Linux with QT

Funny thing I’ve found about Linux distros and software applications… settings are meant to be paid attention to and tweaked. There are no common folder layouts that one should really count on. Maybe /bin or /usr/bin. But anyway, getting a QT project setup to utilize OpenCV libs was interesting. Here’s what I did: 1. Install […]

Using screen in the Linux shell

Have you ever been remotely connected to a host using SSH and thought to yourself: “self, I wish I had more than one window…” So naturally, you opened an additional SSH session. This is fine, but then you need to organize desktop windows when there’s a much simpler solution: Use the screen shell program. Screen […]

How to use Bash to extract Qmail accounts for OpenSRS import

Since I happen to be going through the pain of a bulk migration from Qmail to OpenSRS, I figured I can’t be the only one. Here’s a Bash script I wrote to extract Qmail users accounts into a CSV file. Enjoy! #!/bin/bash # # # Simple Email Account Extractor for Qmail # – Extracts username/password […]

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