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InnoDB lost file pointers to partitions

Recently I went through the exercise of setting up a new replicated slave host. I proceeded through my normal list of tasks to get the new host stood up. This time, something different happened. Replication crashed. Hard. Last_SQL_Error: Could not execute Update_rows event on table core_stats.plays_hourly; Can’t find record in ‘plays_hourly’, Error_code: 1032; handler error […]

So mysql.com got hacked. What does that mean for me?

http://techie-buzz.com/tech-news/mysql-com-database-compromised-sql-injection.html http://www.pcworld.com/businesscenter/article/240609/mysqlcom_hacked_to_serve_malware.html There’s been so much drama recently about MySQL’s public web site getting hacked. It’s causing mis-directed hyperbole about the MySQL database. I’m sure vendors of closed source technologies love the bad press for MySQL, but as a user of production MySQL databases and database administrator specializing in MySQL technology, I’m hearing people ask […]

Testing MySQL data migrations Part 1

On occasion as database administrators we have to migrate data for various reasons. No matter the reason or the origin, we have to test the migration to see if the result is what we expect. The question is: How? In Part 1 of this series, I’m going to explore a simple “smoke test” of a […]

MySQL Best Practice: Forget ALTER, use RENAME instead

MySQL is notorious for a few bummer scenarios. One of them is when you have a table with a couple hundred thousand rows or more and an indexed column or two, and you’ve been asked to add a column to meet a data model requirement. You know this will cause an outage or at least […]

Creating a Date Dimension Stored Procedure

Our data warehouse was getting pretty big. In fact, it was it was getting into the hundreds of gigabytes of fact data. We started looking for ways to save hard drive space. It became apparent that storing redundant varchars, datetimes, enums and other large column types was unnecessary and causing the scale constraints. Part of […]

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