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sunlightjs syntax highlighting is fun and awesome

sunlightjs syntax highlighting is fun and awesome. Thanks, Tommy! http://sunlightjs.com/

My favority BASH one-liners

Let me preface this post by saying, these are hacks. Neither the best or the only ways to achieve the desired results. But hey, if they work for me, they may work for you. Enjoy! echo -n “HashMe” | shasum -a 1 Send a ping request to an IP address once every 10 seconds. Why […]

Row Deletion MySQL Stored Procedure

Scenario: You’ve got a huge history table that’s getting too big to deal with. It’s grown out of your control and the application has an SLA of 100% uptime. What now? My solution: The answer is to archive rows off the system, then delete rows by primary key. DROP PROCEDURE IF EXISTS proc_delete_id_range_safe; DELIMITER $$ […]

Why I won’t use HandlerSocket in Production…

There is a ton of hype around HandlerSocket right now. It looks awesomely wonderfully fast, fun and useful… however, I suspect there’s another side to the story. These are my notions gleaned from my limited knowledge and experimentation: HandlerSocket has some great use cases, but from a DBA perspective, it is a dangerous toy. 1.) […]

Identifying InnoDB Foreign Key Constraints

When using InnoDB tables in MySQL, the option exists to apply foreign key constraints. Data modelers do this for various reasons, which I’m not going to explore here. What’s important is that these constraints are religion for DBAs (and client software) and have to be respected to maintain data integrity. Knowing the hierarchy of data […]

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