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Biden leads Trump WI, MI, PA

twitter.com/politics_polls/status/1290682847062351873 Political [email protected]_Polls#Wisconsin: Biden 52% (+14) Trump 38% . #Michigan: Biden 53% (+12) Trump 41% . #Pennsylvania: Biden 51% (+6) Trump 45% #MIsen: Peters (D-inc) 51% (+11) James (R) 40% @GlennHodas/@restorationpac (R)

Soundcore Flare+ connection hack

First off, I love the Flare+ – it’s really a great value for the money. I thought I’d add this to help Mac users connect to this device as the instructions are devoid of direction. My undocumented fix: When you first attempt to connect via Mac, bluetooth will report a connection failure. Open the options […]

Unboxing my new Apple AirPods

 Apple AirPods: The Verdict Audio is excellent, best bluetooth quality ever. Smooth switching between devices.

How to Cancel Cable TV and Not Die

How to Cancel Cable TV and Not Die of Total Boredom Last year, for the 3rd time, my cable TV contract had expired. My zombie cable TV service then began to eat me alive. The cable provider steadily increased my bill over the course of a few months until the point where I was paying […]

First Impressions: Cyclemeter vs. MapMyRun vs. Strava

Doing research for a work project compelled me to compare apps who’s core functionality was using a GPS. I asked some friends for recommendations for running apps and got three: Cyclemeter MapMyRun Strava My experiment methodology was simple: use all 3 to track a walk around my neighborhood. Here are the results: All three apps […]

Video – Using the MySQL client Tee command

MySQL Minute video explaining how to capture session output to a text file. This can be super helpful when firefighting or just experimenting.

Group Lunch 2.4 for iOS

Group Lunch is the easiest and fastest app to split lunch bills and calculate tips. New in version 2.4: – Email your calculated bill. – Default settings make it even faster. – Double tap the logo to send us suggestions or request support. Every team eventually goes to lunch and splits the bill. It seems […]

I rewrote the Group Lunch App in Swift for 2015

Waaaay back in 2010, I wrote an iPhone app called “Group Lunch.” It’s a really simple and easy to use utility for groups to split the bill and avoid all the usual chaos and mayhem of how much to pay. Versions 1.0 – 1.2 were written in Objective-C. The original app included a custom keyboard […]

Use MySQL to generate a tiny url style string

We all appreciate getting small urls and the most famous link generator is http://tinyurl.com/. They do a perfect job of creating shortened URLs using random strings. The idea is pretty simple. Create a string of N char length and use it as key to reference a value. Perhaps it’s a URL or a document or […]

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