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First Impressions: Cyclemeter vs. MapMyRun vs. Strava

Doing research for a work project compelled me to compare apps who’s core functionality was using a GPS. I asked some friends for recommendations for running apps and got three:

  • Cyclemeter
  • MapMyRun
  • Strava

My experiment methodology was simple: use all 3 to track a walk around my neighborhood.

Here are the results:


2016-04-22 12.54.46 Cyclemeter screenshot


2016-04-23 16.08.10 MapMyRun Screenshot


2016-04-23 16.19.15 Strava screenshot

All three apps were easy to get started with, but also left me with a feeling of being misplaced and overly complicated to review historical data. The maps on all three did the job.


Easiest of all to get started, but only because it doesn’t require a companion online account creation process blocking app usage. Favorite summary screen of all three, but navigation overall is weird.


Best overall navigation, obvious how to get started and review history. Also, MapMyRun seems to save the most data points, including my dad-of-girls playlist. 🙂


Highest voted among my friends, easy setup and fast start. Again, navigation labels are weird but I stumbled through the buttons. Perhaps only because I have a lot of experience with apps and app icons? Seems like “Feed” should be “History” or “Log” and “Record” should be “Workout”.


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